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Mr. Nityanand Mahato

A result oriented and independently practicing advocate, who fights for the social cause and rights of the underprivileged for which he got the National Youth award in the year 2004 in the field of social services which was recognized by the ministry of youth, government of India. 
An articulate and learned advocate who is recognized in the legal fraternity as a humble yet strong advocate of the Supreme Court of India with more than 15 years of experience. Mr Nityanand is also a founder of  Nityanand Mahato & Associates, a law firm which deals with civil, criminal, constitutional revenue and various labour and service matters. 
Advocate Nityanand  is also very sensitive towards the social cause and always keeps himself engaged in the welfare of the people through his Jamshedpur-based NGO, Rural Institute for Training and Development which was founded by him with a sole purpose to help the poor and underprivileged. 
Mr. Nityanand has a keen interest in sports and he has earned a place in the Limca Book of World Records for rafting from Haridwar to Kolkata (2400 kilometres). He also holds the record for scaling the Kanchanjunga peak of the Himalaya range besides this he has also played a big role in mentoring and organizing people for social cause. He  has been a cross-country athlete and has taken part in multiple marathons. He has been a part of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, Bihar Adventure Foundation, Sea Explorer Institute Kolkata and India Life Saving Society.
Recently Advocate Nityanand has taken a pledge to participate in the Save Soil Movement started by Sadhguru to protect the soil and promote its fertility. He has come up with a ‘desi toffee’ to battle anemia and has named it ‘Fe-herb’. It’s made of sahjan leaves, cardamom, honey and cloves. These toffees are being distributed to school children regularly all around East Singhbhum.

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