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The “Global Education Trust (GET)” is a non-profit trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 vide Registration No. 1517/2022. The trust is registered with the NITI AAYOG vide Unique Id. DL/2022/0308060 and has been registered under Section 12A & 80G  of the Income Tax Act. The trust is planning to establish  educational institutions in various states, including the state of Jharkhand and Uttrakhand. is a movement dedicated to cementing a better future for all. Founded in 2021, we have fought for impactful policy changes on the local, national and global levels. We strive to hold our leaders accountable, and to educate and empower others to take action. We work to ensure that our voices are heard for generations to come.

The Trust  is the brainchild of Mr. Kaushal Kishore, who is also the settlor and a founder trustee. He is a practising advocate at Supreme Court of India, New Delhi and also takes cases and appears at various other High Courts & Tribunals; That during the Lockdown he pondered on the ways of transforming the education system and got a formidable team of educationists in place to contribute to the present dynamic, challenging and changing situations in this sphere.


After a consistent consultation with all the stakeholders for transforming the situation of education and healthcare post COVID-19, he decided to contribute back to the society, Mr. Kaushal Kishore made a formal proposal to all the like minded people who have joined hands with him as founder Trustees. On the 21st day of December, 2021 he made a formal representation for the registration of the Trust, "Global Education Trust", which finally approved after clearing all defects and got registered with the Registrar at New Delhi  on 10th Feb. 2022.




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